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HSHS- PVC Suction Hose – Storz

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PVC Suction Hose
We offer the most flexible suction hose in the market; as much as 24% tighter bend radius. Long life due to high UV inhibitors. Clear PVC hose allows for visual indication of water movement. Coupling can easily be removed in the field with standard Allen wrench. Aircraft aluminum # 6061-T couplings hard coated to Military spec Type lll specification for added abrasion resistance and long life. Beveled segment edges for easy loading into hose chutes.

All metal segment collars secure coupling to hose – no plastic.

All metal roller bearings in swivels – no plastic.

Couplings and Hose are made in the U.S.A.

Suction hose length is measured from end of the couplings to the end of the couplings.  Our 10ft. lengths are therefore 10 ft. end to end.  If special length, longer or shorter is required, please call our office to confirm.

New Option!
Spring loaded long handles provide a smaller diameter female swivel allowing for more compact overall coupling.  Handles can be deployed and then provide added leverage for easy tightening of coupling. AVAILABLE ONLY ON 6″ HOSES/COUPLINGS!

Dimensions: 6″ Suction Hose with 6″ Storz Couplings with folding handles


1. Standard 10’ length hose is measured from end of coupling to end of coupling
2. Special – short or long – lengths can be made – call for pricing
3. 2.5” and 3” hoses 10 feet in length can be shipped via UPS or Fed-X ground.
4. 4”, 5”, and 6” hoses must ship via truck. Hoses longer than 10 feet will entail higher freight rates.
5. 5” & 6” hoses are shipped straight-flat to reduce possible damage to hose in transit
6. Storz X NH connections on one length can be supplied – call/request with specs for pricing
7. No shipments permitted to personal residences due to excessive freight costs

PRINT Suction Hose Weights & Dimensions


Part NumberDescription10′15′20′25′
HSHS-25STFlex-Lite suction hose 2.5″ PVC with 2.5″ Storz 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$431.00$480.00$530.00$579.00
HSHS-30STFlex-Lite suction hose 3″ PVC with 3″ Storz 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$745.00$805.00$864.00$924.00
HSHS-40STFlex-Lite suction hose 4″ PVC with 4″ Storz-Lok 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$1,084.00$1,180.00$1,276.00
HSHS-45STFlex-Lite suction hose 4” PVC with 4.5” Storz-Lok 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$1,343.00$1,438.00$1,534.00
HSHS-50STFlex-Lite suction hose 5″ PVC with 5″ Storz-Lok 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$1,347.00$1,504.00$1,660.00
HSHS-60-50STFlex-Lite suction hose 6″ PVC with 5″ Storz-Lok 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$1,918.00$2,107.00$2,295.00
HSHS-60ST/FHFlex-Lite suction hose 6” PVC with 6” Storz with folding handles 10, 15, or 20 ft long$1,589.00$1,777.00$1,966.00
HSHS-60STFlex-Lite suction hose 6″ PVC with 6″ Storz-Lok 10, 15 or 20 ft. long$1,799.00$1,988.00$2,177.00

Custom length available at per foot price provided, call for pricing

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