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Fire Truck with connections Fight the Fire, Not the Connections. Hydrant Connections,
Couplings, Valves and Adapters
Make all of your connections Harrington has a complete line of
Hydrant and Sprinkler Storz,
unmatched by anybody, anywhere.
Most Items Ship in 3-5 Days!
Harrington, Inc. is a worldwide supplier of high precision water delivery equipment for municipal fire departments and fire connections for buildings. Harrington provides intake valves, gate valves, Storz and threaded adapters, gated wyes, and numerous other products in thousands of configurations.

Our products have been field proven by firefighters since 1988, when Hal Harrington established the company in Erie, PA. Family members remain as the nucleolus of the company management. Personalized service, quality products, along with short lead times continues to be our focus. You can depend upon Harrington, Inc. to provide what you need quickly.


Made to Order Adapters

Custom Parts? No problem. We can make the adapter to fit your need.

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