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HTBC- Threaded Blind Caps- MADE IN USA

Threaded adapters available from 1.5” to 12”. All adapters provide the necessary safety features for municipal fire fighting. Storz adapters 4” and larger feature a locking mechanism. British instantaneous adapters, NST adapters and other European adapters are available upon request. All threaded adapters are hard coated to military spec. Type 3 and made from aircraft #6061-T light weight aluminum. All female swivels utilize stainless steel ball bearing or aluminum roller bearings, no plastic.

Identify your adapters with Fire Dept. name or station number. Laser etching available at “No charge”. 


Part NumberDescriptionSpec SheetLIST
HTBC-10NH1″ NH Female105.00
HTBC-15NH1.5” NH Female$83.00
HTBC-15NH-PC1.5” NH anodized aluminum with brass quarter turn petcock$203.00
HTBC-15-xxx1.5″ special thread$110.00
HTBC-15NPSH1.5″ NPSH thread$83.00
HTBC-20NH2″ NH Female$117.00
HTBC-25NH2.5” NH Female$100.00
HTBC-25NHLH2.5″ NH Female Long Handle$156.00
HTBC-25NPSH2.5″ NPSH$100.00
HTBC-25NH-PC2.5” NH anodized aluminum with brass quarter turn petcock$218.00
HTBC-25-xxx2.5″ special thread$128.00
HTBC-25-xxx-PC2.5”special thread anodized aluminum with brass quarter turn petcock$238.00
HTBC-30NH3” NH Female$243.00
HTBC-30NHLH3″ NH Female Long Handle$294.00
HTBC-35NH3.5” NH Female$316.00
HTBC-35NHLH3.5″ NH Female Long Handle$382.00
HTBC-40NH4” NH Female$330.00
HTBC-40NHLH4” NH Female Long Handle$403.00
HTBC-45NH4.5” NH Female$349.00
HTBC-45NHLH4.5” NH Female Long Handle$408.00
HTBC-50NH5” NH Female$375.00
HTBC-50NHLH5” NH Female Long Handle$442.00
HTBC-60NH6” NH FemaleDownload$424.00
HTBC-60NHLH6” NH Female Long Handle$451.00
Cable-RKIT6” Stainless Steel Cable for Caps, Reflective, 20” Long with Crimping Connectors$10.00

Special Threads available on request, cost as follows: Allow 4-5 weeks for special threads.
• 1” to 3.5” = No Charge
• 4” to 6” = $15.00 net, each

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