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HSMB- Storz Mounting Brackets or Mounting Plates

Storz mounting brackets or mounting plates for secure mounting of Storz appliances and adapters. Available in sizes 1.5” to 5” with quick quarter turn design.


HSMB-15-25Storz mounting bracket 1.5″ (38) and 2.5″ (65)$84.00
HSMB-20-30Storz mounting bracket 2″ (52) and 3″ (75) POM gray$20.00
HSMB-40Storz mounting bracket 4″ (100)  MADE IN USA$68.00
HSMB-50Storz mounting bracket 5″ (125)  MADE IN USA$70.00
HSMB-50-45Storz mounting bracket for Storz 110 POM gray$25.00
HSMB-60Storz mounting bracket 6″ (150)$110.00


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