HSSW- Spanner Wrenches- MADE IN USA

Spanner wrenches for easy disconnecting/connecting of Storz couplings. Wrench has a long handle for added leverage, light weight material. Specify the wrench for size of couplings.

Made in the USA, unless otherwise noted.

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Part Number Description LIST
HHSW-100 4″-5″ Universal Hydrant Spanner $149.00
HSSW-101 2.5″-5″ Single end spanner $54.00
HSSW-15-25 1.5″-2.5″ Single end spanner $47.00
HSSW-20-30 2″, 2.5″, 3″ Single end spanner $39.00
HSSW-201 (2) HSSW-101 spanners with holder $197.00
HSMB-100 Standard Spanner Holder $89.00
HSSW-41-61 4″-6″ Single end spanner $43.00
HSSW-401 (4) HSSW-101 spanners with holder $305.00
HSMB-100 Mounting bracket for HSSW-201 and HSSW-401 $89.00
HSSW-501 (4) HSSW -41-61 spanners with holder $276.00
HSMB-41-61 Single end spanner holder $104.00
HSSW-501-HSW (4) HSSW-41-61 & 1 HHSW -100 spanners w/ holder
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HSMB-41-61-HSW Single end Spanner w/ HSW Spanner holder $213.00
HSSW-50-60 5″-6″ Single end spanner $86.00
HSW-25NH 2.5″ NH spanner $61.00
HSW-HW Adjustable hydrant nut spanner $119.00
HSWS-25-100 (2) 2.5″ NH spanners, (1) HHSW-100 spanner with mounting bracket $440.00
HSMB-25-1 Mounting bracket for HSWS-25-100 spanner set $169.00
HSWS-25 (2) HSW=25NH spanners w/ holder $263.00
HSMB-25 Spanner Wrench Bracket $141.00
HSWS-25-HW 2 HSW-25NH spanners & HSW-HW spanner w/ holder $410.00
HWS-HW-HD Adjustable wrench for pentagon nuts up to 1.75”or square nuts up to 1.25”
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HHW-RAC Harrington ratchet hydrant wrench fits pentagon nuts or square nuts
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PRY BARS Tools for connecting 8″,10, and 12″ Storz couplings and adapters $144.00