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H30E- 30° Elbow Adapters- NH Male x NH Female Swivel

Harrington Storz elbow adapterss are rated for a working pressure of 250 PSI. Elbows are hard coat aluminum anodized to Military Specification, Type 3 then powder coated for a nice smooth finish. “Forged” Storz heads provide maximum strength. No hidden imperfections like those found in cast Storz heads. All female swivels utilize stainless steel ball bearing or aluminum roller bearings, no plastic. Available 2.5” to 6”. All Storz heads 4” and larger include All Metal NFPA compliant Storz-Lok.

Excellent adapters for FDC building connections.

Add a Storz Cap to your order. See pricing below.


Caps Available


Part NumberDescriptionLISTSpec Sheet
H30E-15NHM-15NH 30° Elbow 1½” NH Male x 1½” NH Fem. Swivel Rocker Lug$269.00
H30E-25NHM-25NH 30° Elbow 2½” NH Male x 2½” NH Fem. Swivel Rocker Lug$154.00
H30E-25NHFS-25NHFS 30° Elbow 2½” NH female x 2½” NH Fem. Swivel Rocker Lug$258.00
H30E-25NHM-30NH 30° Elbow 2½” NH Male x 3” NH Fem. Swivel Rocker Lug$347.00
H30E-25NHM-30NPSHElbow 30° 3” NPSH female swivel rocker lug x 2.5” NH male$347.00
H30E-30NHM-25NH 30° Elbow 3″ NH Male x 2½” NH Female Swivel Rocker Lug$241.00
H30E-30NHM-30NH 30° Elbow 3″ NH Male x 2″ NH Female Swivel Rocker Lug$363.00
H30E-30NHFS-30NHFSElbow 30° 3” NH female swivel rocker lug x 3” NH female swivel$487.00
H30E-35NHFM-35NH 30° Elbow 3½” NH Male x 3½” NH Female Swivel Rocker Lug$432.00
Available Storz Caps
HBC-404″ Blind Cap$146.00
HBC-505″ Blind Cap$169.00
HBC-606″ Blind Cap$272.00
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