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HTPB- Storz Couplings with Three-Part Binding

Sets include two hose couplings and two 3-part segment bindings. Couplings are “Forged” hard coated for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Easy to assemble/disassemble onto LDH hose using a simple Allen wrench.

Utilizes recessed nut and bolt design to eliminate stripping of segments. Working pressures up to 240 psi.

Specify the Storz size and suction or pressure application.


Part NumberStorzHose SizeLIST
HTPB-80/SL = set8” Storz8” HoseCall
HTPB-100/SL = set10” Storz10” HoseCall
HTPB-120/SL = set12” Storz12” HoseCall

List prices are for sets of 2 couplings

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