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HTMB- Screw Mounting Plates or Mounting Brackets- MADE IN USA

Harrington screw mounting plates or mounting brackets, manufactured from 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, anodized to durable Type 3 hardcoat, convenient and easy to mount via internal predrilled holes, standard thread is NST, NH, or NPSH with Higbie cut for quick easy secure adapter mounting.


Threaded Mounting BracketsHTMBList
  Male NH threads
HTMB-10NHM1″ NH Male$58.00
HTMB-15NHM1.5″ NH Male$58.00
HTMB-20NHM2″ NH Male$62.00
HTMB-25NHM2.5″ NH Male$62.00
HTMB-30NHM3″ NH Male$137.00
HTMB-35NHM3.5″ NH Male$157.00
HTMB-40NHM4″ NH Male$177.00
HTMB-45NHM4.5″ NH Male$198.00
HTMB-50NHM5″ NH Male$212.00
HTMB-60NHM6″ NH Male$200.00
  Female NH Threads
HTMB-10NHFS1″ NH Female$82.00
HTMB-15NHFS1.5″ NH Female$82.00
HTMB-20NHFS2″ NH Female$82.00
HTMB-25NHFS2.5″ NH Female$89.00
HTMB-30NHFS3″ NH Female$201.00
HTMB-35NHFS3.5″ NH Female$235.00
HTMB-40NHFS4″ NH Female$262.00
HTMB-45NHFS4.5″ NH Female$276.00
HTMB-50NHFS5″ NH Female$293.00
HTMB-60NHFS6″ NH Female$317.00
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