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HSSW-501-HSW Harrington All In One Spanner Wrench Set- MADE IN USA


Harrington all in one spanner wrench set, includes 1 each # HHSW-100 hydrant/Storz wrench along with 4 each # HSSW-41-61 Storz multi size single end wrenches and truck mounting bracket.  The HHSW-100 hydrant wrench accommodates 4” and 5” Storz connectors.  The HSSW-41-61 wrenches accommodate 4” & 5” Storz and 2.5” – 3” rocker lugs.  Truck mounting bracket is anodized aluminum for durability and corrosion resistance for years of no rust service.  Heavy duty springs secure wrenches along with quick access to all wrenches even with gloved hand.

List $534.00/set


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