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Small 3-Way Ball Valve or Wye (Water Thief)

Distributor Ball Valves

Excellent device for high rise kits. Divides water into three hoses from one. Light weight construction. Hard anodized balls for corrosion resistance.

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Part Number Inlet Outlet LIST
H301-15NHFS-15NH 1½” NH Fem. Swivel (3) 1½” NH Male $940.00
H301-25NHFS-15NH 2½” NH Fem. Swivel (3) 1½” NH Male $935.00
H301-25FS-15ST 2½” NH Fem. Swivel (3) 1½” Storz $869.00
H301-25NHFS-25NH-15NH 2½” NH Fem. Swivel (1) 2½” NH M x (2) 1½” NH M $927.00
H301-25NHFS-25NH 2½” NH Fem. Swivel (3) 2½” NH Male $970.00

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