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HTPB- Storz Couplings with Three-Part Binding

Sets include two hose couplings and two 3-part segment bindings. Couplings are “Forged” hard coated for maximum strength and corrosion resistance. Easy to assemble/disassemble onto LDH hose using a simple Allen wrench.

Utilizes recessed nut and bolt design to eliminate stripping of segments. Working pressures up to 240 psi.

Specify the Storz size and suction or pressure application.

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Part Number Storz Hose Size LIST
HTPB-40/SL = set 4” Storz 4” Hose Call
HTPB-60/SL = set 6” Storz 6” Hose Call
HTPB-80/SL = set 8” Storz 8” Hose Call
HTPB-100/SL = set 10” Storz 10” Hose Call
HTPB-120/SL = set 12” Storz 12” Hose Call
[/custom_table] List prices are for sets of 2 couplings

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