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HHW-RAC- Harrington Ratchet Hydrant Wrench

Harrington hydrant ratchet wrenches proudly Made in USA


HHW-RAC  Harrington ratchet hydrant wrench proudly Made in USA, stubborn hydrant nuts beware, Harrington’s Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench features a long-handle and an adjustable, snug-fitting socket for tackling pentagon or square nuts.  Make loosening or tightening easier with the good leverage provided by the long handle.  Socket adjusts quickly with the thumb screw feature.  Ratchet action makes this wrench faster to operate than non-ratchet models during emergencies or for general maintenance like flushing.  HHW-RAC fits pentagon nuts or square nuts. Reduce valuable time on hydrant work by using a Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench.  List $ 448.00

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